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Handheld Laser Welding System
LightWELD XC 1500, 5m
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Handheld Laser Welding & Cleaning System


LightWELDTM XC-1500 Handheld Laser Welding and Cleaning System, 5M cable Integrated Laser Welding and Cleaning Unit Comprised of the Following: Fabricated steel structure enclosing the laser generator, system controller, panel displays and interface electronics: • W 316 mm, D 641 mm, H 534 mm (12.5 x 25.2 x 21 ins) • Integrated 5 meter (≈ 16 ft) umbilical connection to the Handheld Laser Welding Head • Easy-carry handles Laser Generator 1500 W Average, 2500 W Peak air cooled, Ytterbium Fiber Laser System housed within the Base Unit. • High Frequency Pulsed mode • 50 micron diameter fiber with 5 m (≈ 16 ft) fiber delivery to the head • Power adjustable from 10% to 100% of maximum output power • Class-2M guide laser capable of producing a peak power of 1mW. Eye or skin exposure should be avoided. Do not stare directly into beam or view with optical instruments. Industrial grade controller housed within the base unit • Provides control of all system functionality, laser parameters, gas flow, and monitoring of safety interlock circuits. • Interface via front panel controls and Ethernet port web-page GUI with programs selection Front Panel Controls • Rotary knob controls and displays for Laser Power, Wobble Length and Wobble Frequency • Touch button access to Stored Process Modes for welding and cleaning • System status indicators • System enable keyswitch. • Emergency Off (EMO) button Handheld Laser Welding and Cleaning Head • Optical configuration to deliver on-target beam diameter of 150 um (0.006 ins) • Focal Length 120 mm • On-axis red guide beam • Wobble function: Linear beam scanning. Length 0-15 mm, Frequency 0-300 Hz • 2-Position trigger control • Integrated welding part touch safety sensor • Integrated process gas delivery (Flow controlled by Base Unit) • Four interchangeable precision welding nozzles for different joint configurations: o 6 mm, Two points tip o 9 mm, Two points tip o One point tip o Circle tip • Two interchangeable precision cleaning nozzles for different joint configurations: o Configurable Single Prong Cleaning Nozzle  Ball Nose Insert  Cone Point Insert  Grooved Insert o Two Prong Cleaning Nozzle Rear Panel Connections • AC Power: 220V, 1 Ph, 50/60 Hz, 24 Amp. • Power CONNECTOR, 30A 2P3W IP44 6H included. • Customer to supply power cable. • Welding Head I/O: • Workpiece Clamp Circuit: Process gas input 1⁄2 LightWELD Startup Kit is included with each LightWELD unit. Contains safety glasses, welding helmet, nozzle kit, windows (5 piece), connector, user manual, plus additional ancillaries.

$26,950.00 USD
IPG LightWELD XC 1500, 5m
Handheld Laser Welding System
$26,950.00 USD